Name: Chris Hull
Position: Customer Service, Tech, & Web Developer
Favorite Tone: Berry Oakley Tractor Bass
Favorite Bass Line: Lemon Song or Roundabout
Favorite Bass Players:Berry Oakley, John Paul Jones, John Entwistle, & Chris Squire
Favorite Preamp:Mike Pope Flexcore Onboard 4-Band

I'm a Computer Science student and tech from Florida. I've been working on guitars for 5 years. My training has been self-taught over the years as a tech and player.

I'm pleased to be able share what I have learned as a tech and blass player here at BBG.

Fender Jazz
Built by Fender, Modified by Me

" I bought this bass with the intention of modifying it from the get go. I used many parts that we carry and a few I either custom built myself or sourced elsewhere. "


BODY - Body is Swamp Ash Natural Finish.

NECK- Maple with Rosewood Fretboard. Dot Inlays. 0 deg shim.

PICKUPS - Curtis Novak Bisonic Darkstar (Single Coil) in the neck position. Lindy Fralin J Single Coil in bridge position.

PREAMP - Mike Pope Flexcore Volume - Blend - Treble/Bass Stack - Lo Mid/Hi Mid Stack.

TUNERS - Factory Fender

BRIDGE - Leo Quan Badass II Hand-Slotted Saddles for 21.67mm spacing

ACCESSORIES & STRINGS -Hipshot 3-String Retainer. D'Addario Balanced Tension EXL170BT