Aguilar Jazz Bass Pickups

  1. Aguilar Hot Jazz Bass Pickups

    $165.00 - $205.00
    Aguilar Single Coil Jazz Bass Pickups
    With their larger, 6MM magnets and over-wound design, these pickups have a hotter output that loves to push the input of your amplifier with a tone that is big and loud with thundering lows. Despite their sonic onslaught, the Aguilar Hot Jazz Bass...
  2. Aguilar 60's era Jazz Bass Pickups

    $149.00 - $189.00
    Aguilar 60's Style Jazz Bass Pickups
    The Aguilar 60's Style Jazz Bass Pickups are designed to have both clarity and warmth and will reproduce all of the dynamics and nuances in your playing. This pickup set is modeled after a mid 60's single-coil Jazz Bass® pickup. Aguilar...
  3. Aguilar 70's Era Jazz Bass Pickups

    $149.00 - $189.00
    Aguilar Single Coil 70's Wind Jazz Bass Pickups
    Fans of the Jazz bass® know that jazz bass pickups built by Fender® in the 1970's sound very different from the pickups used in the 60's. The 70's versions have a brighter, more strident tone that is perfect for slapping, funk and R&B....
  4. Aguilar Humcancelling Jazz Bass Pickups

    $99.00 - $219.00
    Aguilar Split Coil Humcancelling Jazz Bass Pickups
    A direct replacement for 4 and 5 string Fender Jazz® and other J-style basses, these split-coil pickups give you noiseless Jazz Bass tone that works for all playing styles. With traditional single-coil pickups, bassists are plagued by hum...