Bartolini EZQ Parametric Filter

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Bartolini EZQ Parametric Filter

The EZQ Parametric Filter is capable of low pass, band pass or high pass performance with adjustable frequency and Q - 9 volt or 18 volt

Using the EZQ with hum-cancelling pickups provides the utmost definition for percussive (string slap) bass techniques, as well as a wide range of tonalities not acheiveable with standard tone controls. The EZQ is a low noise filter that will accept input from any pickup or combination of pickups without instability or oscillation.

The EZQ comes with 2 dual 50K-ohm pots for frequency and Q control. The frequency range extends from 600 Hz to 5000 Hz and the boost at maximum Q exceeds 20dB. Decreasing the Q value increases the overall gain to maintain nearly constant loudness.

- 9 volt or 18 volt

- The pots included with this unit have a short threaded shaft, best for mounting to a control plate or pickguard.

Battery life is two months of continuous use.

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