Bartolini 4 String P-Bass Pickups

Bartolini 4 String P-Bass pickups offer many different tonal characteristics to provide you with a pickup that suits your needs. Available in the standard Split Coil configuration Bartolini pickups have a pickup to fit your bass.The modern design features an epoxy cast non-removable cover to prevent unwanted microphonics and feedback, and the blade rail design provides generous sensing area for multiple compatible bridge spacings and an overall even response and balance. These pickups serve as nice replacements for many factory designed basses such as Fender, Aria, G & L, Guild, Jackson, Mike Lull,Peavey,Pedulla,Spector, or your own custom creation. Well respected by such top builders as Michael Tobias, Roscoe, Pedulla and many other high end builders.

  1. Bartolini 8SU 4 String Precision Size Deep Tone Split Coil Pickup

    4 String Deep Tone Split Coil Humcancelling P Bass®Pickup
    The 8SU is the Fender Precision Bass® (P Bass® ) replacement pickup. They are highly respected by musicians and luthiers alike for their vintage voicing - more lows and low-mids. They have lower output than 8CBP.The two pickups in the P-Bass...