[Bass of the week] ACF Custom Project 2 5 string

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The feature bass this week is a TalkBass Winter Build-Off winner!

Builder Adam Falkner writes:

I was recently bitten by the bug to build instruments, so in an effort to grow, I wanted to make my second build more intricate than my first. And that just so happened to coincide with the Talkbass Winter Build-Off 2017, where the theme was “CHALLENGE YOURSELF”.

So with that, I started this build, with some key design help from my friend and fellow bass aficionado, Roger Miller.

The specs came out as follows:

Bookmatched flamed maple top and back
Chambered sapele body core
7-piece maple/walnut neck with graphite rods and dual action truss
33.5″ scale length rosewood board, 24 stainless steel frets, 20″ radius
TruOil finish
Hipshot A bridge, brass, 18mm spacing
Hipshot Ultralight Y tuners 2+3 configuration
Hipshot 3-string retainer
Nordstrand BigRig pickups, each wired to a series/parallel switch
Nordstrand 2-band EQ with bypass, passive tone (with tone bypass)
Sapele control cover with magnetic attachment
Kilo International knobs
Dunlop Dual Design StrapLocks
9 lbs, 11oz

Using the skills taught to me by fellow Talkbass members over the past year, I managed to construct this bass in the time allotted. I entered it against a field of VERY talented people on TB, and the bass managed to be voted the winner! So believe me when I say, I’m honored to have even been a contestant against such experienced builders and was completely shocked to have won.

I seriously couldn’t have done it without their help, so I do want to shout out to all of the people on TB who are amazingly talented and skilled at what they do. And I want to thank them for letting me pick their brains and look over their shoulders.

The end result is Project 2, a bass that is incredibly versatile tonally, beautiful to look at, and a true joy to play.

I hope this is just one of many more basses to come along, as I’m completely taken by the process of building basses.

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