[Bass of the Week] Halo of Flies

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This week’s BotW that arrived in the featureme@bestbassgear.com inbox takes an artistic slant.

Kevin writes:

I just finished a renovation on my Fender Jazz bass. My son Nicholas (nicholasfrenette.com) did the artwork on the body after I stripped it down to the bare alder. He probably put around 45 hours on it. The theme is Alice Cooper “Halo of Flies” and has the lyrics and a caricature of Alice on the back and some other ”Killer” themes on the front including a lyric line from “Be My Lover. Nicholas used India Ink, and it does look like a tattoo job, finished with acrylic lacquer.

So since the whole thing was torn apart, when I put it back together it got New Dimarzio pickups, Fender string through bridge, Fender ‘70’s nickel open tuners, Fender neck plate, chrome pick up covers, and a new pick guard. It has turned out to be an incredibly unique 1973-ish bass with one of my favourite artists from the 70’s on it. It’s a far cry from the 2004 red with white pick guard it was before….








Very cool, Kevin, well done!

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9 thoughts on “[Bass of the Week] Halo of Flies

  1. That is wonderful! I’ve seen lots of cool wood burning projects, but that’s easily the most detailed & coolest theme!

    One minor gripe: why have a pickguard!?!? Such beauty shouldn’t be covered up at all!

  2. Thanks for all your comments!…..Nicholas takes all the credit for the creative on this…….We did have a discussion about not putting the pick guard back on but I do like the look of a pickguard….I also bought the tortoise shell to maybe put on later for a change…..It looks nice with the finish work as well..

  3. KNOCKOUT,GORGEOUS, BEAUTIFUL, SWEET, FANTASTIC, BREATHTAKING…I can’t say enough about how artistic this is!!! 2 arts combined as 1, there is nothing more powerful, yet SOOO relaxing. Did I mention how beautiful???

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