[Bass of the week] Rockhewer Custom Guitars MythosX

The feature bass this week is an Alembic-inspired design with very particular attention to detail.

Kevin Butler from @Rockhewercustomguitars writes:

This build was a commission. It is my design, and was built to the specifications of a client in MA. He picked the top wood… (bookmatched to neck), and an accent color …and that it have a streak free ebony fingerboard. He also specified a desired nut width /string spacing, neck thickness, hardware finish, fret type & scale.

Also that it have a tonal pallet capable of crisp, bright highs & mids…& punchy low end…(ala Mark King).

Options chosen of LED fret markers, inlays & a high gloss finish, rounded out the package.

All features I am happy to tailor to the client’s wishes.

I build in a style of construction similar to Alembic. Premium exotic hardwoods, multi laminate, neck-thru & layered body… (hippie sandwich). But at a much more moderate price point.

5 string, 35″ scale, neck-thru.
9pc. Neck, in purpleheart, curly maple, wenge, rock maple.
7 layer body wings. Core of quilted maple, purpleheart & wenge accents, cocobolo top & back. High gloss polished finish.
Fingerboard in ebony, w/ brass ringed abalone oval inlays. Brass nut. Nickel silver med. frets.
Brass ringed side markers illuminated by internal purple LED lights.
Hipshot D style bridge,
My handmilled solid brass top load tailpiece.
Hipshot ultralight tuning machines.
Pickups: EMG active P & J coil config. (In soapbar covers)
EMG BQS system (EQ & blend circuit).
Dunlop straplocks,
Dunlop Superbright light ga. strings

Here is a review of this bass by its owner:

“Kevin is amazing, he built exactly what I was looking for down to a perfect neck profile and he nailed the sound that I was looking for. Toneally this bass has the perfect combination warmth and attack. What really sets it apart is the fact that the low B string fills the room with a deep piano-like tone. Most basses sound muddy with an inarticulate rumble with deeper notes. The wood is beautiful beyond compare to any instrument I’ve held in my hands. I have had 5 Alembics and none of them come close to this. Beautiful grain in combination of lamination give this instrument the look and sound that I wanted. Already planning a second order, I advise anybody to jump on this.”
– Marc Rubin

My motivating force is the personal rewards from exceeding customers expectations. I take great pride & pleasure in providing Artists with instruments of precision and beauty. Tools that help to inspire..,rather than being just adequate.

Well done!

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27 thoughts on “[Bass of the week] Rockhewer Custom Guitars MythosX

  1. I own two Rockhewers with a third nearing completion. I can say with all honesty that I have never held a finer instrument in my 40+ years of playing and 30 years of actively collecting hi end basses. The finest in the world. Thanks, Kevin!

  2. GAWD ALMIGHTY! That is one seriously pretty bass guitar! I think I actually drooled on my BlackBerry whilst looking at the photos! Build me a 4 string version and I’ll buy it in a heartbeat!…As soon as I rob a bank. LOL I’d love to play it!

  3. Yes, truly a work of art! +++
    Thank you for sharing the bass with an appreciative audience. One that truly understands what a bass player can achieve when he/she can articulate his precisionary vision to a qualified luthier. A luthier who can take that vision, with the specific specs, and gather the needed parts ‘n pieces to produce the ultimate tone, timbre, play ability and eye-candy for all to enjoy!
    — Congratulations to you both!  — And, thanks again for sharing!

  4. Very nice bass on all levels. You definitely know what you are doing and have impressed the hell out of me. As a luthier for 30+ years I know quality when I see it. Making the rear cover plate for the control cavity so that it matches the surrounding wood back is a particular trade secret as to how it is done and not commonly known. I know how it is done but won’t let the cat out of the bag……just let people wonder how the routing was done to create the cavity without destroying the matching wood grain for the control plate. A lot of thought went into building this guitar. Fantastic build. Zane O’Brien

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