[Bass of the Week] Michael Emmerling Kermit

The devil makes work for idle hands. In this case, waiting for a Dingwall inspired the construction of a Dingwall-like instrument. Bass builder Michael Emmerling writes: Inspired by waiting for a Dingwall, and the Dingwall quality, I started building. Kermit is my third completed bass. Body is made of silky oak and northern ash, contrast … Read more

[Bass of the week] Yanofsky Guitars and Basses B1 Fretless

See Steven’s business listing here The feature bass this week concentrates on ergonomics to make for a great bass to play sitting or standing. Bass builder Steven Yanofsky writes: This is my first fretless build, the body is based on a previous build I made, with some modifications, the shape was design considering ergonomics, trying … Read more