[Bass of the week] Rockhewer Custom Guitars MythosX

The feature bass this week is an Alembic-inspired design with very particular attention to detail. Kevin Butler from @Rockhewercustomguitars writes: This build was a commission. It is my design, and was built to the specifications of a client in MA. He picked the top wood… (bookmatched to neck), and an accent color …and that it … Read more

[Bass of the week] Dave Caissie 1708

The feature bass this week proves you can make something great even if your wood is sourced from a national home improvement chain store. Builder Dave Caissie writes: I’ve been playing 4-string bass (fretted, fretless, upright) for 30+ years and finally got around to getting a 5-string. By getting, I mean scrounging my workshop and … Read more