Half Inch Tuner Measurement

Use this tip sheet if you need to need to figure out whether your Ultralights are the version known as 3/8” or 1/2”.

There are a couple methods:

1) Remove a tuner and measure the hole that was drilled in the headstock.
- a 3/8” tuner will have a hole that is 9/16” in diameter
- a 1/2” tuner will have a hole that is 11/16” in diameter

2) Measure the nut that secures the tuner to the headstock. We are looking for the distance from one side of the nut to the other parallel side.
- a 3/8” tuner will measure roughly 9/16” across
- a 1/2” tuner will measure roughtly 3/4” across

Half Inch Tuner Measurement
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  1. mate, thanks for the inairmftove blog! i’m trying to decide whether to choose a mini for my home theatre and your experiments have really swayed me..just one (fairly dumb) question: when you say you ‘daisy-chained’ the new tuner to the old one, how does this physically work? do you have the two tuners plugged into separate USB slots in the back of the mini?i’d also be interested to hear if anyone has experience of using EyeTV tuners in Australia…

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