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  1. Thanks for having the installation sheet for the Bartolini 3 coil pickups. For the past 4 years I have tried to get some questions answered and Bartolini has never replied to letters, faxes, or to attempts to call either the factory or the distributor. They might as well be out of business. Anyway, I might now have a chance of getting things right with one of my basses.

    • Yeah, I’m self taught ..started with takweing an old Dynaco ST-70 hifi amp and the Net is great in terms of access to resources .but you know guitar electronics are really simple, really like a middle school electronics project, so learning how to mod that stuff is pretty easy. The tube amps are a little harder and, given the potentially lethal voltages involved, a little scarier .I’ll only do really basic stuff on that score these days but you know, part of it was born out of necessity it’s so hard to find a good tech, esp a good amp tech, I just figured I could do it myself. With guitars I particularly like to do my own setups .I can get the guitars exactly the way I like em in terms of action, intonation, etc .and I can save time and money. Dan Erlewine’s little primer How to Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great, is a great place to start in that regard if you guys are gonna start doing some guitar takweing.

  2. Cool Magdalena. I’ve never messed with amps, my expertise ends at the jack. Yes, fortunately guitar electronics are simpler and allot more forgiving if you get it wrong. I’ve never had a guitar explode on me for being wired incorrectly, they just don’t work when you make a mistake. I have the same Erlewine book too. Mines autoghraphed. I’m such a geek I bring my books to trade shows. Dan wrote “In guitar repair never do the first thing that come to mind” which I’ve been contemplating having tattooed on me so I may never forget. Keep up the good work and keep us informed of any content you would like to see produced. We are always looking for suggestions. 🙂

  3. Hi what about a wiring diagram for Stack single coil Pbass , Seymour Duncan. There is none i’ve searched . Thanks Pete B

    • It depends on how much you are going to pay for the piukcps, and how long you have to wait to buy a new guitar. If you are going to have the SG knockoff for a considerable amount of time, you should get the new piukcps. Worst case scenario is you have a cheap second guitar that sounds good. You probably are not going to put them into a new guitar that may have better piukcps when you get it. You can also mess around with the ones you get now and try to create your own sounds. But that’s advanced stuff. You should consider this though. Developing your playing style has a lot to do with the piukcps, the guitar and how it all works together. When you are more advanced, it’s easier to move from one setup to another. But while you are learning, it’s a good idea to work on your sound as well as your playing. So if you CAN get the new guitar soon, do that.

  4. Looking for a PJ, Precision – Jazz, two pickup wiring diagram for my Fender Special PJ Bass.

    thanks, James

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