EBS Bass Straps

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EBS Bass Straps are the perfect addition to your bass to show your love for a quality company like EBS. Available in three different styles to choose from and two different materials including the black nylon "Safety Belt" material, and leather the EBS straps are adjustable from 42"(105cm) to 76"(190cm) to allow the fit for your style.

  1. EBS Nylon Guitar Strap

    Nylon Guitar Strap
    High quality extra thick and extra wide "safety belt" material with perfect 4-color print, real leather ends, 7cm wide and 190cm long. These are already a success in Scandinavia where high quality is a must. Adjustable from 42" (105cm)...
  2. EBS Leather Guitar Strap

    Leather Guitar Strap
    Leather Guitar Strap