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EBS pedals are designed with you the bass player in mind. The extensive range of EBS effect pedals offer quality sound processing tools for stage & studio use. Availabe in effect styles from Envelope Filter, Reverb, Octaver, Compressor, Overdrive, Tremelo, Chorus, Phaser, Distortion, Wah, and including signature pedals for Billy Sheehan & Stanley Clarke, EBS has an effect pedal to give you the unique signal processing you have been searching for.

True Bypass Technology

The Black Label Pedals as well as the Wah Wah pedals, the Valve Drive offer true bypass switching. All new Black Label Pedals using True Bypass has the text "True Bypass" printed on it, right below the footswitch.

  1. EBS REIDMAR 750 Bass Amp

    If you are familiar with EBS bass amps you will feel at home with the Reidmar 750. The renowned built-in compressor and the 4-band EQ-section are really intuitive and feature the (for EBS) characteristic Bright and Notch filters and remind you a lot...
  2. Billy Shehan Signature Drive Deluxe Pedal

    The Billy Sheenan signature drive deluxe is the new extended version of the previous signature model. It is a complete analog design with exceptional features to turn it into your own signature pedal. It was developed by EBS in close cooperation with...
  3. EBS Wah One

    Everything from the original classics to the modern wah-wah sounds can be created with warmth and depth through the fantastic EBS WahOne. Get the Groove! The EBS WahOne is the only versatile wah-wah pedal designed specifically...
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    EBS-TRM TremoLo

    EBS-TRM TremoLo

    Regular Price: $199.95

    Special Price $164.36

    EBS TremoLo The EBS TremoLo is the latest contribution to the famous Black Label Pedals serie. It gives you the choice of vintage type tremolo or sweeping filter effects. Choices The sweep character can be set...
  5. EBS-MC Multi Comp

    EBS MultiComp The EBS MultiComp is a high performance, analog compressor pedal, with a choice between solid state, tube simulation and multi-band compression. Make Your Sound Even Better The MultiComp can make a good sounding instrument...
  6. EBS-DV Dyna Verb

    EBS-DynaVerb With the EBS DynaVerb, your choice ranges from eight different true stereo digital reverb effects, from Rooms, to Plates, to Halls. The 2008 edition use a complete new 24-bit digital processing circuitry for outstanding...
  7. EBS-IQ BassIQ

    EBS BassIQ The EBS BassIQ is an analog envelope filter pedal that is triggered by the notes you play. The results are the funkiest and most responsive sounds in a stomp box. Auto-Wah or Funkadelic Sounds The pedal...
  8. EBS Uni Chorus

    With the EBS UniChorus you can choose between low noise studio quality Chorus, Flange and Pitch Modulation effects. Analog Processing The pedal is built with the best analog processing circuitry available. This gives a smoother,...
  9. EBS DPhaser

    The EBS DPhaser offers three very distinct and different phaser effects. Select everything from classical 70?s sounds up to hyper modern swarling phasing effects. From the 70's to the 21st Century! The DPhaser offers three different...
  10. EBS Billy Sheehan Signature Drive Pedal

    EBS Billy Sheehan Signature Drive Pedal In 2013, EBS and Billy Sheehan join forces to release the Billy Sheehan Signature Drive pedal, a signal processing device offering the possibility to achieve the sound of a legend! This pedal is...
  11. EBS Metal Drive Distortion pedal

    The EBS MetalDrive delivers pure, mean, metal distortion for bass- and beyond Distortion for bass! EBS MetalDrive deliver high-gain distortion for use in modern metal music, and other music styles that call for a mean distorted...
  12. EBS Stanley Clarke Wah

    Delicious Wah-wah Effects! Stanley Clarke, is one of the worlds most iconic and innovative bass players. Now he is putting his name on an EBS product. Being one of the most demanding players, with a distinctive tone and a clear idea of how...
  13. EBS-VDR Valve Drive

    EBS ValveDrive offers the possibility for classic and traditional warm tube sounds up to hard and pure tube distortion.The EBS ValveDrive tube preamp/overdrive pedal can make your bass either glow or growl, whether you want your instrument to sing or...
  14. EBS-CHO Uni Chorus

    With the EBS UniChorus you can choose between low noise studio quality Chorus, Flange and Pitch Modulation effects.
  15. EBS-OC Octa Bass

    The EBS OctaBass analog octave divider creates a single note one octave below the pitch of the played note, adding a new dimension to your sound.Intelligent TrackingThe incredibly fast tracking allows for rapid playing techniques. The pedal also recognizes...
  16. EBS-MD Multi Drive

    The EBS MultiDrive is a Class A overdrive pedal, capable of producing sustain, overdrive and many other useful tube amp distortion sounds..The mode switch selects classic, vintage or modern overdrive type sounds. This is the pedal to spice up your sustain!...