Bass Synth

Electro Harmonix Bass Micro Synthesizer

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From percussive sounds to backwards sounding bowed sounds, the Bass Micro Synthesizer, with its four completely mixable voices (bass, octave above, sub-octave, and square wave or distortion) and adjustable filter sweep section lets the bass player create those fat vintage analog synthesizer sounds heard on records by everyone from Bootsy Collins to the Chemical Brothers.

24DC-100 power supply included

Check out the Electro Harmonix Demo of the Bass Sythesizer below:

Nano Bass Balls

Nano Bassballs

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Sleek, small and funky, the exact twin of the legendary Bassballs. Same controls, same sound but now in a pocket size, die-cast case. The twin-tuned filters sweep your instruments signal giving a unique vocal tone. Use the mild distortion switch to add throatiness. Great on bass and guitar.