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Tone Control

EMG EXB Tone Control


Tone Control/EXB

Active Equalization Circuit

Get the gain and knockout punch you’re looking for in your bass with the EXB Control. The unconventional equalization design acts to simultaneously increase your low and high frequencies while decreasing mid-range. The result is a clarity and percussive sound that slap players will fall head-over-heals for.

Designed and constructed like the EXG Control, the compact EXB will fit on most any EMG equipped bass without any modification.

Package Includes:

  • EMB EXB Active/Passive Pickup Input Control
  • Battery clip with buss connector
  • Stereo output jack (battery switching)
  • 2 interconnect cables

Technical Specifications:

  • Input Impedance:250K–(Ohms)
  • Input Referred Noise130dbV
  • Output Impedance:2K–(Ohms)
  • Current(@9v):750–(Microamps)
  • Battery Life:200-(Hours)
  • Maximum Supply(Volts DC):18V

Wiring Diagrams:

EXB Solderless Wiring Diagram
EXB Hardwired Diagram
EXB Powering Tips