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EMG Extended Series 40DC 5-String Full Dual Coil
Soapbar Pickup


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In the 40DC you’ll find a clean extended range that conventional pickups just won’t bring. By teaming an ultra-low noise, low-impedance internal preamp with a ceramic loaded dual parallel coils EMG creates an extremely versatile unit that can hit from the highest highs all the way down to the dirtiest growling lows, all while maintaining clarity.

The extended 4 inch (102mm) housing is perfect for five string spacing, and the 40DC’s sleek black modern appearance is everything you’ve come to expect from EMG and their 30-plus years of design experience. And like all the DC Models you’ll find the 40DC is beefy, brilliant, and has more than enough output to get the job done.

Package Includes:

  • EMG Extended Series 40DC 5-String Full Dual Coil Soapbar Pickup
  • EMG's exclusive Quik-Connect™ cable
  • Prewired solid shaft volume/tone control set
  • Output jack
  • Battery clip set
  • Adjustment screws

Technical Specifications:

  • Logo Color:Silver
  • Magnet Type:C/S
  • Resonant Frequency (KHz):3.75
  • Output Voltage (Finger, Thumb):2.50
  • Output Voltage (Thump):6.00
  • Output Noise (60 Hz):108
  • Output Impedance (Kohm):10
  • Current @ 9V (Microamps):230
  • Battery Life (Hours):1000
  • Maximum Supply (Volts DC):27


  • Length:4.00"(101.6mm)
  • Width:1.50"(38.1mm)
EMG 40DC Dimensions EMG 40DC String Dimensions

Artists Using EMG 40DC:

  • Lena Abe of My Dying Bride
  • Jonas Bjorler of The Haunted
  • Marten Andersson of Lizzy Borden
  • Brittany Bouck of Guilt by Association
  • Tony Campos of Static-X
  • Gabe Crisp of White Chapel
  • Constantine supporting Alan Ace Cooper
  • Lige Curry of Parliament Funkadelic
  • Paul Dileo of Nena
  • David Ellefson of Megadeath
  • Ian Hill of Judas Priest
  • Bobby Insaner supporting Andy Irvine
  • King of Sahg + 1
  • Erik Leonhardt of Tantric
  • Bruno Nasute of Desiertogris
  • Marty O’Brien of We Are the Fallen
  • Jim Pegram of Imagika
  • Mike Rodden of Hinder
  • Evan of Biohazzard
  • Henkka Seppala of Children of Bodom
  • Brandon Sigmund of Hostility
  • Traa of P.O.D.
  • D.D. Verni of Overkill
  • I.C.S Vortex of Dimmu Borgir
  • Alex Webster of Cannibal Corpse
  • Dough Wimbish of Living Colour

Wiring Diagrams:

EMG 40DC Wiring Diagram
EMG 40DC Wiring
EMG 40DC Power Tips
EMG Tone Instructions
EMG Volume Instructions