Hipshot Bass Tremelo Bridges

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Hipshot Bass Tremelo Bridges

Hipshot Tremelo Technology means a fully floating Bass Tremelo system that actually stays in tune! Push the tremelo bar down for deep bass growl and swoons, and pull back for those bright, snappy riffs! To better understand the smooth feel rock the tremelo bar back and forth for the smooth, precise action utilized for expressing singing and vocal bass vibratos.

These bridges are CNC machined from solid brass for phenomenal sustain and tonal quality. The bridges include all the necessary mounting hardware, and instructions and are available in 4 and 5-String configurations and spacings of 0.708"(18mm) and 0.750"(19mm) for 4-String, and 0.669"(17mm), 0.708"(18mm), and 0.750"(19mm) for 5-String. Finishes available include Chrome, Black, and Gold.

Please Note:The routing templates necessary to utilize this bridge are not available with purchase of a bridge.

  1. Hipshot Tremelo Bridge Template

    Intended for Hipshot Bass Tremelo Systems.
    Hipshot Tremolo Technology means a full floating Bass Tremolo which stays in tune! Push your no wobble whammy arm down for deep bass swoons and growls! Pull back for bright poppy riffs! Gently rock back and forth feeling your tremolo's smooth, precise...