Hipshot KickAss 4 String Bass Bridge



It's not easy to capture the spirit of a former fan favorite while simultaneously creating a product that is exciting all on it's own...but that is exactly what Hipshot endeavored to with their new KickAss Bass Bridge.
$70.00 - $89.00
$70.00 - $89.00

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It's not easy to capture the spirit of a former fan favorite while simultaneously creating a product that is exciting all on it's own...but that is exactly what Hipshot endeavored to with their new KickAss Bass Bridge. The saddle sets are a direct replacement for the Bad Ass 2 Style Bridge. The bridge comes with brass saddle inserts of 3 different heights. Stainless replacement saddle inserts are available for a punchier sound.

    The KickAss features the following.
  • Our unique saddle design features pre notched inserts (no filing required). These inserts allow you to easily adjust your string spacing from a narrow .687" (17.5mm) to a wide .800" (20mm) and anywhere in between!
  • Comes standard with brass saddle inserts which emphasize the fundamental tone and give your bass a mellow sound. Extra Saddle inserts can be found here.
  • The KickAss mounts on a typical 5 hole bass configuration and features recessed string ball holes for a sleeker, sexier look.
  • Stainless steel saddle inserts are avaliable. Stainless Steel emphasizes the harmonic overtone series and gives your bass a brighter sound.
  • Weight: 234 grams(8.25 ounces) without pointing screws or inserts.

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Verified Buyer
The first essential upgrade for your J-Bass
By Justin Martin from on 1/11/2017
I have played a '70s reissue Jazz bass for about 4 years. My tuning is A/D/A/D (like a drop-tuned 5-string without the bottom string).
Generally I play hard rock and metal, so my needs for the instrument are not from the traditional sense. Generally play with a pick, and play direct 100% of the time (studio).
I want punch, clarity and sustain. The Squier is a great entry-level bass, but clearly the hardware has room for improvement.

I finally decided to upgrade the bass with the Hipshot Kickass bridge and a Graphtech slotted nut. From a recording/tracking standpoint the difference is unbelievable.
Notes are fuller, allowing you to focus less on how to pick/pluck the note to get to the next bar. With weaker pickups every bit of sustain can help.
When you look at the overall mass and construction of the bridge in comparison to the stock Fender bridge, you'll probably laugh. Lots of mass.
Setup, intonation and height/side adjustments are easy and straightforward.

Being honest, I threw-in the Audere JZ-Pro preamp into the bass at the same time of the install (which is a rather transparent preamp).
I feel that the bridge made a greater impact than the preamp did! No change to the stock pickups, so the A/B test was pretty fair.
Overall I really see no downside to using this bridge, especially given the price. If you want a brighter fundamental tone, you should purchase the stainless steel saddles right out the gate.
I don't think they're necessary but I also don't play slap bass.

Before you throw down thousands on a custom bass, consider buying a J-Bass (be it Fender or Warmoth) and get Hipshot hardware. You'll be amazed how far that alone will take your playing.
Verified Buyer
Sweet Bridge!
By wing8337 from on 12/24/2016
Nice meaty bridge! Brass inserts sound great w/flatwounds on mim j. Sustain and tone for miles!!
Verified Buyer
Hipshot Kickass Bridge
By Marc Shapiro from on 8/15/2016
This bridge is a better replacement than the Badass style. The string mounts are sturdy, and very adjustable. Height, width, and intonation adjustments are solid. I will install on other basses.
Verified Buyer
Good bass bridge choice
By John Tinsley from on 8/8/2016
The bridge is very easy to line up and install. The base plate is perfectly flat and holds a grounding wire very well. Used it on a new build and it is very solid. Tone is excellent.
Verified Buyer
Great Bridge, Great Price
By Mike Provencher from on 8/8/2016
I got this to put on my modded Squier Jazz bass. Night and day improvement in tone and sustain. Will buy more.
Verified Buyer
KickAss bridge kicks ass
By Bassman17nz from on 8/4/2016
I've been modding a sexy white Squier Classic Vibe 60s Jazz bass. (Let's call her Scarlett, shall we?) So far she's had Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder pups and new Hipshot tuners (with a D tuner key) fitted and she sounds a million bucks. I'm using her as my main gig bass ahead of my Fenders most times because she feels and sounds so good. The last piece of the upgrade was a bridge. I've got a Babicz Full Contact Hardware bridge on another bass and I love it, but I saw the Hipshot KickAss bridge on Best Bass Gear recently and loved its BadAss styling so I got one shipped over. I've just fitted it to Scarlett and taken it for a test drive and I'm really impressed. Before I plugged into my amp I could feel and hear the string resonance through the body acoustically. The bridge is a reasonably weighty chunk of hardware, and everything on it is fully and easily adjustable. I love the solid, smooth mechanism of the saddles. The swappable inserts are a brilliant idea. I've stuck with the brass inserts it came fitted with because the bass has plenty of edgy tops already with those ballsy Duncan pickups, but I've got a set of stainless ones as well in case I feel like going for a more aggressive tone. The string spacing mechanism on the KickAss is a great idea too - it's simple and efficient. Apparently the KickAss bridge is cast out of zinc and not machined out of a block of steel. So what? It's a really smart piece of tech. It does the job and it looks great. Scarlett is singing, so I'm happy!
Verified Buyer
This is truly a kick-ass bridge upgrade!
By S. Fiorenza from on 7/14/2016
This is an easy and worthwhile alternative to the impossible to find BadAss bridges. I'm impressed with the quality, the ease of installation, and the ability to adjust the bridge height, intonation, and string spacing too. The gold finish looks good and doesn't feel cheap. I stayed with the stock brass bridge saddles that come standard with the bridge, and I'm satisfied with the tones they provide (I am using Slinky Flatwounds for an old-school sound), but if I need something brighter, I can easily add stainless steel saddles to change my tone. Get one of these bridges to upgrade your Fender-style bridges.