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Hipshot Triple Lock Down Piezo Bass Bridge - 5 String - Chrome

SKU:BBG 2771

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Hipshot's new single string bass bridge assembly, the Triple Lock-Down, offers several unique features.
Special Order, But We Can Get It Fast

Because we recieve shipments from Hipshot on a near weekly basis it is usually quite easy for us to get this special order item to you within a week or two.


Individual placement of each bridge allows for perfect side-to-side string and length spacing. (Perfect for staggered fan-fret bridge applications.) Two loading options means you can pass each string either through the body (directly through the coupling bolt) or through the quick release topload dropslot. Through-body string loading gives a percussive, punchy attack while the topload option results in a more traditional tone. Plus, you can mix and match options on the same instrument to access a full spectrum of sound. Hipshot's patented through-bolt attachment actually compresses the bridge against the wood, making this bridge an integral part of your bass guitar. The result? The truest tones possible! Individual bridge components virtually eliminate string cross-talk (excellent for piezo/midi applications coming soon) while the maximum coupling enhances bite and sustain.

Configuration: 5-string

Finish: Chrome


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