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Hipshot Tuning Machines are high quality upgrade option for the bass guitar that are available in two unique styles; Vintage Style and Ultralight.

Vintage Style

The Vintage Style Tuning Machines serve as retrofit on instruments including Fender, MusicMan, G & L, and Rickenbacker and any instrument that utilizes a vintage style mounting plate and bushing with a 11/16" headstock hole. These tuners are available in Chrome, Black, and Gold finishes to match the aesthetics of your bass.

For reference on retrofit of your existing tuning machines you can use the following article with dimensions below.

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Hipshot Ultralight Tuning Machines are a high quality lightweight alternative to the Vintage Style tuners available for any bass with a 9/16" or 11/16" headstock hole. Two different size options exist: 3/8" for 9/16" headstock holes, and 1/2" for 11/16" headstock holes. These are available in more key styles including Clover Key, Y-Key, and Lollypop key with finishes including Satin Chrome, Shiny Chrome, Black, and Gold. With the smaller mounting footprint, the weight savings of the Ulralights is almost half of what the Vintage style tuners weigh and will assist in saving the weight on your instrument, and add efficiency and better balance to the instrument.

For reference on determining whether the 3/8" or 1/2" Ultralight will work for your bass please refer to the article below.

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