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Hipshot Ultralite 1/2" Tuner Replacement Bushing .618" Nickel

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Hipshot Ultralight Replacement 0.618" Nickel Bushing

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Hipshot 200FBC - Fender Nut Nickel

Hipshot Ultralight 1/2" Tuner Replacement Bushing .618" Nickel

Due to the variation in peg-head bore size on basses with 1/2" post sized tuners Hipshot offers 3 different bushing diameters for their Ultralight tuners and Ultralight Detuners.

  • .618" 15.7mm
  • .660" 16.7mm
  • .700" 17.7mm

.618" 15.7mm Replacement bushing for retrofitting US made Hipshot Ultralight 1/2" tuners on basses with a slightly smaller 16mm bore size. Examples would include Lakland Skyline (or any) basses built with Hipshot Lic. Ultralights 1/2" and most Fender USA basses.

.660" 16.7mm The standard bushing that usually comes with the US made Ultralight tuners. Fits many basses with 11/16", 17mm-17.5mm bore size.

.700" 17.7mm This larger size works well for made in Mexico Fender basses, or other basses with an 18mm bore.


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