1. NO BOX Bartolini 2.3AP 1-Pickup 3-Knob 2-Band Vol P/P A/P - Treb - Bass

    2-Band: 1-Pickup, 3-Knob VPP A/P - Treb - Bass
    Includes; Preamp Mounting hardware for the pots and Jack Wiring instructions Extra 9 volt battery clip for optional 18 volt operation As new, just no box Control Configuration ...
  2. Bartolini 3.3 2-Pickup 3-Knob 2-Band Vol - Bl - Treb/Bass Stack

    Regular Price: $144.00

    Special Price $100.80

    2-Band: 2-Pickup, 3-Knob Vol - Bl - Treb/Bass Stack
    Control Configuration Volume Blend Treble/Bass stack Description A Pre-Wired harness saves the time and aggravation of wiring your pre-amp and pots into your instrument. They feature our industry...
  3. Nordstrand 2B Module

    Regular Price: $151.00

    Special Price $120.80

    Nordstrand 2B 2 Band Module
    Description Nordstrand preamps are a clear, transparent, and sonically aggressive preamp capable of allowing you to dial your ideal tone in from the onboard active EQ. The Nordstrand preamp has gain control onboard to allow precise control...
  4. Bartolini XTCT 3-Band Preamp(High Impedance)

    Regular Price: $76.00

    Special Price $53.20

    XTCT 3-band Preamp Module
    The XTCT is a tone control module designed for electric guitars, basses, and other electronic musical instruments. It yields a very wide range of boost or attenuation of the Bass, Midrange, and Treble regions of the musical instrument spectrum....
  5. Bartolini TQB/918 Quad Input Buffer

    Regular Price: $65.25

    Special Price $40.20

    Bartolini Quad-Input Buffer
    TQB - Quad-Buffer The four seperate buffers in the TQB Quad Buffer can reduce electronic noise levels in instruments with passive pickups and some of our onboard preamps. Each buffer in the TQB is a low noise amplifier with a...
  6. NOLL TCM 3PM Precision Bass 1-Pickup 2-Knob 2-Band Vol/Tone Stack P/P A/P - Mid/Mid Stack

    Regular Price: $183.50

    Special Price $113.04

    1-pickup, 2-band, 2-knob Volume/Passive Tone (Push-Pull Active/Passive) - Midrange/Midrange Stack
    Control Configuration 1-Pickup 2-band System Volume(Push-Pull Active/Passive)/Passive Tone Stack Mid(Boost/Cut)/Mid...
  7. Nordstrand 2B-4a 2-Pickup 4-Knob 2-Band Vol P/P A/P - Vol - Treb - Bass

    Regular Price: $163.50

    Special Price $130.80

    2-pickup, 2-band, 4-knob Volume (Push/Pull Active-Passive) - Volume - Treble - Bass
    Nordstrand 2B-4a Control Configuration Volume (Push/Pull Active-Passive) Volume Treble Bass Technical Specifications Overall Gain: +/- 10db by a trim pot on the module Treble: ...