1. EMG BTS-HZ System 2-Pickup 4-Knob 2-Band Vol - Bl - Treb - Bass

    Regular Price: $129.00

    Special Price $103.20

    2-Band: 2-Pickup, 4-Knob Vol - Bl - Treb - Bass
    Control Configuration Volume Blend Treble Bass The BTS HZ System is intended for EMG-HZ passive pickups as well as other manufacturers passive pickups. The BTS HZ System comes supplied Volume, Blend,...
  2. NOLL TCM 3PM Jazz Bass 2-Pickup 3-Knob 3-Band Vol/Bl P/P A/P Stack - Treb/Bass Stack - Mid/Mid Stack

    Regular Price: $280.97

    Special Price $230.00

    2-Pickup, 3-band, 3-knob Volume/Blend (Push-Pull Active/Passive) Stack - Treble/Bass Stack - Midrange/Midrange Stack
    Control Configuration 2-Pickup 3-Band System Volume Push-Pull/Blend Stack (Push-Pull Active/Passive) Treble/Bass...
  3. Nordstrand 2B Module

    Regular Price: $151.00

    Special Price $120.80

    Nordstrand 2B 2 Band Module
    Description Nordstrand preamps are a clear, transparent, and sonically aggressive preamp capable of allowing you to dial your ideal tone in from the onboard active EQ. The Nordstrand preamp has gain control onboard to allow precise control...