Seymour Duncan P/J Pickups

  1. Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder 4 String P/J Size Set

    4 String Quarter Pounder P/J Pickup Set
    The Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder bass pickups are known for their sonically full voicing, and high output punch that they give to each strike of the string. The quarter-inch Alnico V rod pole-pieces, and intense winding deliver a full and rich...
  2. Seymour Duncan APJ-1 4 String P/J Size Pro Active Set

    4 String Split Coil Humcancelling P/J Set
    Modern voiced active replacement pickup for P/J ® configuration. Recommended for a wide variety of genres including pop, blues, classic rock, and heavy rock Provides a modern, and broad tonal response that is perfect on a P/J Bass, but without...
  3. Seymour Duncan APJ-2 4 String P/J Size Lightnin' Rods Set

    4 String P/J Pickup Set
    Vintage-voiced, active replacement pickup for P/J ® configuration. Perfect for country, pop, blues, and classic rock. Gives that traditional "warm 'n woody" tone typical of a vintage P-Bass, and bridge is bright and assertive, but with faster...