Stellartone Bass Micro Pedal II


BMP-706 (Notched Rotation) - $145

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***The Micro Pedal II's input is not compatible with active pickups, active preamps, buffers, low-impedence signals, stomp box outputs, or connection in an amp's effects loop.***

The Micro Pedal II expands upon the unique Micro Pedal I concept, by adding a true bypass footswitch plus a new 3-way "tone depth" mini toggle switch.

Like its smaller brother, the Micro Pedal II is a passive, high-impedance, 100% analog tone module, using no batteries. Zero noise, clipping, limiting, compression or distortion is added to your instrument's output signal. Just turn up the bass, and plug it in! Additional pedals and effects may be connected to the Micro Pedal II's output.

Bassists may now select 1/3, 2/3 or full-strength EQ in all 15 ToneStyler contour steps. This new feature allows adjustment of the total amount of pickup resonance and treble cut off produced in each ToneStyler rotary switch position.

The Micro Pedal II will be available in your choice of Standard, Jazz and Bass voicing ranges, and in the traditional notched rotation switch type.

Measurements: 1 1/2"W x 2"H x 3 5/8"L