Are you tired of running out of strings when you need them?

With Best Bass Gear's no-hassle String Replacement Program you will automatically receive a new set of strings at a frequency that is consistent with your tone and usage.

Just pick your favorite set of strings, tell us where to send them and how often. That's it!

Why use the String Replacement Program?
Never worry about shopping for a new set of strings again, we ship them to you automatically!
Top Brands
Top bass guitar string brands like DR Strings, D'Addario, Ken Smith, Fodera, and more!
Free Shipping
Don't Spend money on shipping charges! Enroll and receive free worldwide shipping on all program strings
No Hassle
You can cancel at anytime.
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All it takes is three easy steps:

Ken Smith Strings D'Addario Strings DR Strings Rotosound Strings
Fodera Strings SIT Strings Dunlop Strings Thomastik-Infield