Zero Mod PB-1 Precision Bass Thumb Rest Clear

SKU:BBG 6611
It's Arriving Soon!

Zero Mod has told us we will have more of these within a few weeks. Order it now, and we will ship it the same day we receive it from Zero Mod.


Fits many of the Precision Bass models - As long as you have a single pickguard screw between the neck and your pickups as shown in these pics.

The same size and location as the classic Fender thumb rest! Easy on - Easy off - No new holes.


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Zero Mod thumb rest
By from on 10/20/2016
Great product. I have this and the V2 and they do the job. As the name says, zero mods to your instrument. Take a screw out, put a screw in.
Nice thumb rest right where I need it.