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Zymol Bridge Fret & Finger Board Protectant (4oz.)

SKU:BBG 6244

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Zymöl Fret & Finger Board Protectant Treatment

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Zymol has told us we will have more of these within a few weeks. Order it now, and we will ship it the same day we receive it from Zymol.


Zymöl Bridge Fret & Finger Board Protectant is intended for finished, or unfinished fretboards, and bridges requiring protection against sweat, acids, metal corrosion, and string abrasion. Bridge™ fretboard protectant keeps Purpleheart, Rosewood, Maple, Mahogany, and Ebony looking their finest.

Bridge will impart a like-new appearance and silk feel to new or restored fret wood, but will not loosen or stain inlays, frets, or bindings.

The ultimate care for your instrument takes time, patience, and the passion to maintain your instruments quality. The application process of Bridge is like making love. It'should never be rushed.



  • Apricot Kernel Oil
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Coconut Oil
  • Cetyl Esters
  • Cetyl Cocoamide(derived from coconut oil)
  • Cocoamide
  • Pure Peppermint Oil


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