About Leon - Best Bass Gear's Shipping and Receiving Coordinator

Name: Leon Daniel
Position: Best Bass Gear's Shipping and Receiving Coordinator
Favorite Tone: Dual Humbuckers, full on, with the neck pickup rolled off about 25%
Favorite Bass Saying: "I like a lot of bass players. I like a lot of tuba players too." --Rick Danko
Favorite Bass Player: Berry Oakley, John McVie, Alphonso Johnson, Kenny Gradney, Jean-Jacques Burnel, Paul Simonon, Tony Levin, Leland Sklar, Murry Hammond. Too many to really list…

I have been married for 25 years with 2 sons. I majored in music education in college and have played bass, drums and tuba off and on since then. Besides music, my other interests are graphic arts, cooking and leathercraft. My wife is a travel consultant and my oldest son is about to become a choir or band director and my youngest is going to take Broadway by storm.

Leon's quick tips:

  • 5 is your best friend
  • Don't forget tonic
  • Play for the song, not some hidden agenda
  • Don't bring new equipment to a gig without trying it out at rehearsal first
  • Listen to the drummer, always
  • Try another instrument to give you a different outlook for bass
  • Try to remember what you did when you were in the "Zone"
I am not a builder, but I am a big fan of inexpensive, short scale basses. Currently using Waterstone (Tom Petersson) Indra and LuLu basses for the Monterreys project and have an Epi Viola and a prototype Waterstone hollow fatbody for practice and backup.


SIT, R. Cocco

Dunlop Dual Design Strap Locks

I prefer just a guitar and amp