Aero Pickups

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Aero Pickups

Aero Pickups

From their inception in 1994 Aero Instrument Pickups have been an important part of the bass community. Aero specializes in artful design and high quality workmanship. The Aero product line includes all standard bass pickups, but their ability to customize, and their expansive Soapbar line, shows the depth of Aero’s commitment to electrifying the bass.

Aero pickups are or have been standard equipment in instruments produced by the “Who's-Who” of bass luthiers from around the world. The list is quite extensive, but notables include Fodera, Elrick, Stambaugh, A-Bass and Lakland (the Darryl Jones bass), Bottom Wave (Japanize mfg of the NYC bass), Eliezer Lara (Brazil), Zakrzewski (Poland), Landing (short scale basses)….

All Aero pickups are hand-made to the highest standards. Models currently available in-stock from Best Bass Gear include "direct drop-in retrofit" replacement options 4-string including models for Jazz Bass, P Bass, Single Coil P Bass, Musicmaster, Mustang, and Music Man.

We also stock the Aero PJ4 pickup, which is a split coil humcancelling P-Bass pickup in a Jazz Bass shape.

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  1. Aero Type 1 4 String MusicMaster Size Single Coil Pickup

    4-String Single Coil MusicMaster Pickup
    The Type 1 MusicMasterer is a 4-String pickup intended for the neck position on Fender MusicMaster basses that utilize a single coil pickup in the neck position. This pickup uses Alnico V magnets that are flush with the bobbin flatwork, and not radiused...
  2. Aero Type 4A 4 String Mustang Size Humcancelling Pickup

    4-String Split-Coil Humcancelling Mustang Pickup
    The Type 4A Mustang Pickup is an exact replacement designed with better frequency response than the original. This pickup is built using the re-issue bobbin size. Mustang pickups are series hum bucking (SHB), the same as a PB pickup. Pickup covers...
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