Aguilar Bass Pickups

Aguilar Bass Pickups

Since their release in 2010, Aguilar pickups have become the new standard for exceptional bass guitar pickups. Providing the rich, musical tone that Aguilar gear is known for, Aguilar pickups are used by top luthiers and bass players the world over. Our pickup line now features eight different models with many more slated for 2013.

Whether you are looking for period-correct vintage flavors or the most modern tones; Aguilar has the pickup for your bass. Our pickups provide excellent string-to-string balance and consistency of tone throughout the entire range of your bass. The dynamic range of our pickups allows for a quick transient attack that responds to your playing style. And this tone is not limited to active-only instruments – with or without a preamp; you will get the deep lows, articulate midrange and sweet treble response that are the benchmarks of the Aguilar sound.

All Aguilar Pickups are passive in design and work great with or without onboard Active EQ'ing. Available in O.E sizes including Jazz Bass, P-Bass, Soapbars including popular sizes such as EMG 35, EMG 40, EMG 45, Bartolini BC, Bartolini P2 & Bartolini P4. Aguilar pickups have a model to suit your current 4,5, or 6 String bass or future build.

Used by highly regarded artists including John Patitucci, Adam Clayton, Freddie Washington, Janek Gwizdala, Gary Willis, Anthony Wellington, Yolanda Charles, Paul Turner, George Porter Sr. & many others.

Benchmarks of the Aguilar Sound

  • All pickups are wound in NYC
  • Enjoy rich dynamics and musical tone
  • Hear great string-to-string balance
  • Direct replacements for most pickups

Your bass has a voice, let it be heard!

  1. Aguilar Super Doubles Soapbars

    $195.00 - $255.00
    Aguilar Dual Coil Soapbar Bass Pickups from Aguilar feature two rows of alnico five pole pieces creating a thick yet articulate tone, complete with hum-canceling performance
    It's time to double down! This brand new pickup from Aguilar features two rows of alnico five pole pieces creating a thick yet articulate tone, complete with hum-canceling performance. A perfect blend of strong dynamics and rich complex overtones. AG...
  2. Aguilar Super Singles Soapbars

    $165.00 - $199.00
    Aguilar Single Coil Soapbar Bass Pickups
    The Super Singles® give you massive single coil sound in a soapbar size. Players can expect all the articulation and dynamics of a single coil pickup combined with great sustain and harmonic development. These pickups have excellent string-to-string...
  3. Aguilar DCB Soapbars

    $195.00 - $255.00
    Aguilar Dual Coil Soapbar Bass Pickups
    The DCB® soapbar pickups use dual ceramic bar magnets that provide a dynamic and responsive attack that works for all playing styles. These pickups have well-developed overtones and singing sustain in the body and decay of the notes. The...