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Best Bass Gear is proud to carry a wide array of bass guitar pickups from manufacturers including Aero, Aguilar, Bartolini, Delano, Dimarzio, EMG, Fender, Lakland, Nordstrand, and Seymour Duncan. We are dedicated to assisting you in getting the perfect pickup(s) that will provide you with the best possible tone of your desire and fit your current bass or custom build.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where Can I Buy Bass Pickups?

Answer: You can buy these from Best Bass Gear by Calling 877-839-3531 or Emailing us at or chatting with our Bass Techs

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  1. Seymour Duncan Antiquity I Pickups

    $89.00 - $198.00
    '50s Style Jazz, Tele®, and Split-P Bass Pickups
    Jazz Bass Configuration The neck position is wound "top going" and North polarity. The bridge position is wound "top coming" and South polarity. When used in combination with each other the pickups will be hum-canceling. Both pickups have the...
  2. Seymour Duncan Antiquity II Pickups

    $89.00 - $198.00
    '60s Style Jazz, Tele®, and Split-P Bass Pickups
    Jazz Bass Configuration The Jazz Bass pickup is made to the specifications of the mid-'60s production instruments and is very similar to the pickups re-wound for Jaco back in the early '80s. The pickup is wound for the right amount of output...
  3. Seymour Duncan Apollo Split-Coil Jazz Bass Pickups

    $95.00 - $189.00
    4- and 5-String Humcancelling Jazz Bass Pickups
    Jazz Bass 4-String Configuration Linear humbucking pickup set for Jazz bass adds punch and articulation missing from standard Jazz bass pickups while minimizing noise. The Apollo Jazz Bass pickup set has a traditional look, but the punchy...
  4. Seymour Duncan ASB0 Blackouts Dual Coil Pickups

    $109.00 - $219.00
    Dual Coil Humcancelling Active Bass Pickups
    Active pickups and electronics voiced for the aggressive bass tones of metal, classic metal, punk and heavy Blackouts for Bass represents the active bass soapbar pickup specifically voiced for aggressive music. Instead of the radical EQ boosting...
  5. Seymour Duncan SRB Rickenbacker Pickups

    $109.00 - $218.00
    Dual Coil Humcancelling Rickenbacker Pickup Set
    Humbucking upgrade for Rickenbacke® 4000 series basses for neck and bridge position. Adds output and humcancelling. Great for all styles of music. This Rickenbacker neck position replacement adds warmth, clarity, and increases the tonal range...
  6. Seymour Duncan SCPB Single Coil Pickups

    Single Coil 51P Bass pickup
    SCPB-1 Vintage Single Coil Configuration Vintage-correct true single-coil. Perfect for country, pop, surf, blues, and classic rock. A tribute to the old early-'50s "Tele Bass." Uses the same bobbins, magnets, wire, and black yarn for...
  7. Seymour Duncan SJB Single Coil Pickups

    $65.00 - $158.00
    Single Coil Vintage Jazz Bass Pickup Set
    SJB-1 Vintage Single Coil Configuration This pickup gives you the traditional sound of a vintage pickup for Jazz Bass™. The single coil construction brings out the warmth and fullness of the instrument while maintaining clarity and definition....
  8. Seymour Duncan SSB NYC Dual Coil Pickups

    $125.00 - $285.00
    Dual Coil EMG 35 Size Bass Pickup Set
    The NYC is a Passive Dual Coil pickup with a double row of exposed Alnico pole-pieces available in EMG 35 & EMG 40 sizes. The four conductor cabling allows for a wide variety of wiring modes for different tonal options. Wire the pickup...
  9. Seymour Duncan STK Stacked Coil Pickups

    $85.00 - $170.00
    Stacked Coil Humcancelling Jazz Bass Pickup Set
    STK-J1 Classic Configuration Vintage-voiced humcancelling Stack ® pickup. Perfect for country, pop, blues, and classic rock. This is one of our most popular pickups. It captures the same great tone, presence and response of the SJB-1...
  10. Seymour Duncan SSB Phase I Dual Coil Pickups

    $65.00 - $125.00
    Dual Coil Humcancelling EMG 35 Size Pickup Set
    Moderate output, passive "soapbar" pickup for four- or five-string bass. Passive alternative to battery-powered pickups for four string bass players. The tone is simple and organic, with added warmth and punch.. Direct replacement for EMG®35...
  11. Nordstrand Big J-Blade Series

    $169.00 - $204.00
    Nordstrand Big J-Blade Series Pickups
    Big J-Blades The newest addition to our line of original Signature pickups, the Big J-Blade is Jazz-style single coil pickup, with a continuous sensing blade offered in two different winds to provide the style of tone specific to the individual...
  12. Dimarzio Will Power Pickups

    $74.99 - $99.99
    Dimarzio Will Power™ available in both Middle and Neck positions.
    Billy Sheehan has used the original DiMarzio Model P® and Model One™ bass pickups for many years. Because of the demands Billy puts on his system, we made several modifications to existing models in order to deliver even more of what he wanted....
  13. Nordstrand 4-String Fat Stacks

    $109.00 - $216.00
    Fat Stacks Stacked Coil Humcancelling Soapbar pickups for 4 String sizes These are a proprietary Nordstrand design. The traditional bi-pole magnet layout was, literally, twisted in a new direction. By rotating the pole 45 degrees...
  14. Nordstrand BigRig 4 String

    $109.00 - $216.00
    Nordstrand BigRig 4 String
    BigRig The BigRig 4 is a pickup came about very organically, as a result of a conversation with bassist Alberto Rigoni. A dual 51 P style pickup, one pole per string, was the initial concept, but offset pole pieces are iconic for Nordstrand....
  15. Guild DS-1 Bi-Sonic Pickup

    The Guild classic Bi-Sonic bass pickup is a vintage single coil re-issue of the Hagstrom pickup found on the original Guild Starfire® basses, and now the new M85 bass. Whether you want to channel your inner Jack Casady, Phil Lesh or want...
  16. Lace Aluma Stealth Bass Soap Bar Pickup

    $112.00 - $119.00
    The Aluma® Stealth Bass Soap Bar is designed by Jeff Lace to enhance and replace, as an upgrade to bass guitars using conventional size soap bar pickups. All with no batteries!
    Lace Aluma Stealth 4 string Extended range for Bass!The new Alumitone® Aluma Stealth Bass Soap Bar were designed by Jeff Lace to enhance and replace, as an upgrade to bass guitars using conventional size soap bar pickups. Bass...
  17. Nordstrand Power Blade 4 string P style Set

    Nordstrand Power Blade 4 string P style Set
    The Power Blade This pickup is the latest addition to our blade arsenal. With its thick steel blade, optimized wind, and ceramic magnets providing an authoritative low-end punch, the Power Blade will distribute a forcefield of fat slap fury...
  18. Bartolini '2J Squared' Pickups

    $139.00 - $336.00
    Bartolini 2J Squared Pickups
    2J Squared Series SoapbarsThey are 2 J Bass Pickups in a soapbar shape. While we started making these decades ago, we are releasing them in all of our Bass Soapbar shapes. Ideal for the most flexible bass, they can be split to individual...
  19. Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder Pickups

    $65.00 - $139.00
    4- and 5-String Aggressive, High-Output Jazz, Tele®, and Split-P Bass Pickups
    SCPB-3 '51 Tele® Bass High output true single-coil. The quarter-inch diameter pole pieces add more string sensitivity than the Hot model. Aggressive tonal response with strong bottom end and lots of mids. Adds tremendous tonal...
  20. Seymour Duncan Hot Pickups

    $65.00 - $170.00
    4-String High-Output Jazz, Tele®, and Split-P Bass Pickups
    SCPB-2 '51 Tele® Bass Hot single-coil. A high-output take on the Vintage. In this case, we increase the coil windings for higher output, more punch, and a thicker bottom-end than the Vintage Dimensions: Length = 2.88"(73.1mm)...
  21. Nordstrand Big SplitMan 4 String Quad Coil Pickup

    The Nordstrand Big SplitMan 4 will not disappoint those who practice the art of manipulating large and unruly tone.
    Big SplitMan 4 In essence, this pickup is a quad-coil BigMan with a cutthroat vendetta against hum and a raw energy slightly superseding the BigMan’s iconic aggression. Its composition is essentially two Big Splits under the same cover,...
  22. Nordstrand Big BladeMan

    $169.00 - $204.00
    Nordstrand Big BladeMan
    Nordstrand Big BladeMan Beware - this pickup emits an unsettling amount of raw power, creating the possibility that those who wield the Big BladeMan may engage in band practices and performances that may singe the frayed ends of corrosive...
  23. Bartolini B-Axis 4 String P/J Split Coil Pickup Set

    Bartolini B-Axis 4 String P/J Split Coil Pickup Set
    Bartolini B-Axis 4 String P/J Set This set Includes the B-Axis J44J L for bridge and the PB4 for neck. Please check the physical size of the pickups you want to replace to make sure the replacements fit properly. B-Axis...
  24. Nordstrand Nordenbocker Pickup

    Nordbacker - Rickenbacker Replacement The classic Nordstrand Big Single is now available in Rickenbacker size, a drop-in replacement that fits without marring your bass. It even uses your stock pickup screws. Louder and more aggressive tones...
  25. Nordstrand Big Blades - Warm & Wooly Tone

    $91.50 - $284.00
    Warm & Wooly Tone
    Big Blades Big Blade Soapbar Bass Pickup Big Blade is a result of the pursuit of a continuous sensing blade style pickup whose tone brings with it the huge, rich, and powerful characteristics so well established by our famous...
  26. Delano JC4 HE/M2 4 String Jazz S Size Split Coil Bridge Pickup

    4 string Split Coil Jazz Bass Short Bridge Pickup Only
    A high end splitcoil humbucking JB™ fourstring pickup with the narrow sensing area of a classic single coil, the JC4 HE/M2 gives you a full range single coil tone with none of the headaches of previous designs. Our advanced coil design...
  27. Nordstrand Zen Blades

    $109.00 - $312.00
    Nordstrand Zen Blade
    Nordstrand Zen Blade The Spectral Center : a pickup that exists in the Tao of tone. The sidewinding Zen Blade mimics the voice of a sonic Buddha, centering the player on a plane of echoed clarity, while delegating a fluid rip, pop,...
  28. OPEN BOX EMG LJVX 4 String Jazz L Size X Series Bridge Pickup

    OPEN BOX 4 String X Series Stacked Coil Jazz Bass Bridge Pickup Only
    OPEN BOX, AS NEW, UNINSTALLED, PACKAGE FOR WIRING KIT IS STILL SEALED. Please see photos for cosmetic condition. Available as a separate unit, the LJVX is the longer of the two pickups in the JVX Set, usually located in the bridge position.The EMG...
  29. Bartolini 'Original Bass' Dual In-Line Humcancelling Pickups

    $79.00 - $184.00
    *Jazz Bass Sets and Singles for 4, 5 and 6 String Basses*
    These pickups are split coil hum-cancelling designs - think of them as a "P-Bass pair in box". These are wound to yield more "growl" from the Bridge pickup. They are very similar to Bartolini’s old 94J pickups, just ever so...

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where Can I Buy Bass Pickups?

Answer: You can buy these from Best Bass Gear by Calling 877-839-3531 or Emailing us at or chatting with our Bass Techs

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