Best Bass Gear is proud to be able to offer you a wide array of onboard preamps for your EQ and tone shaping needs. We offer systems custom prewired in house and also wired by the manufacturer with a large selection of control configurations for almost any bass.We stock only the highest quality manufacturers including ACG, Aguilar, Bartolini, Glockenklang, John East, Mike Pope, Nordstrand, and Seymour Duncan.

  1. Vannetti V2B 2-Band Prewired Preamp

    $201.00 - $247.00
    2-Band preamp with unique Dual Presence Filter, custom wired to your specifications
    Developed by Best Bass Gear's own Rob Giovannetti, the Vannetti V2B 2-Band is a unique offering in the world of onboard preamps. Inspired by the classic active electronics of the late 1970s, the V2B has been designed not to be "transparent," but to...