Best Bass Gear is proud to be able to offer you a wide array of onboard preamps for your EQ and tone shaping needs. We offer systems custom prewired in house and also wired by the manufacturer with a large selection of control configurations for almost any bass.We stock only the highest quality manufacturers including ACG, Aguilar, Bartolini, Glockenklang, John East, Mike Pope, Nordstrand, and Seymour Duncan.

  1. Seymour Duncan STC-2S-BO 2 Band EQ Separate

    2-Band: Treb/Bass
    Controls: Treble/Bass Separate Add versatility to your bass with our 2-band onboard active EQ with separate bass & treble controls, and switchable treble frequency. On board Tone Circuits add tremendous tonal versatility....
  2. Nordstrand 2B+ 2-Band Bass Preamp (with 2 EQ Pots)

    2B+ 2 band bass preamp with 2 eq pots
    New for 2017! 2b+ 2-Band Preamp with 2 EQ Pots The new 2 band boost only preamp offers flexibility, practical simplicity, and amazing tone shaping potential. Offering more boost than our standard 2 band preamp the 2B+...
  3. EMG BTC Control 1 or 2-Pickup 1-Knob 2-Band Treb/Bass Stack

    2-Band: 1-Knob Treb/Bass
    Control Configuration Treble/Bass Stack Why not equip your bass with the most widely used EQ System in the world? With the BTC you’ll get a bass and treble equalizer on a concentric (stacked) pot that will work with any...
  4. EMG BTS Control 1 or 2-Pickup 2-Knob 2-Band Treb - Bass

    2-Band: 2-Knob Treb - Bass
    Control Configuration Treble Bass The BTS Control 2-band equalizer is similar to the BTC Control, except with the BTS you'll get separate controls for the bass and treble. Often preferred for their less selective,...
  5. Seymour Duncan STC-2C-BO 2 Band Preamp EQ with Concentric Knobs

    2-Band: Treb/Bass
    Controls: Treble/Bass Stack Add active EQ to your P or J without any drilling with this 2-band onboard active EQ with stacked basstreble pot, and switchable treble frequency. On board Tone Circuits add tremendous...
  6. NOLL TCM2 2-Pickup 4-Knob 2-Band Vol P/P A/P - Bl - Treb - Bass

    2-pickup, 2-band, 4-knob Volume Push-Pull(Push-Pull Active/Passive) - Blend - Treble - Bass
    Control Configuration 2-Pickup 2-Band System Volume Push-Pull(Push-Pull Active/Passive) Blend Treble Bass ...
  7. Nordstrand 2-Band 2B Preamp Module (With EQ Pots)

    2B Module
    Nordstrand 2B Module (Module and EQ Pots) Includes 2 EQ pots. Does not include output jack or battery clip. Technical Specifications Overall Gain: +/- 10db by a trim pot on the module Treble: ...