Seymour Duncan Preamps

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Seymour Duncan Preamps

Seymour Duncan

The onboard Tone Circuits add tremendous amounts of tonal versatility which enables you the player to add or subtract EQ based off center frequencies voiced specifically for electric bass. Duncan preamps feature a low noise, low distortion, and high headroom voice useful for all musical styles and genres.

These preamps are available in 2-band and 3-bands of active EQ, and include Duncans propreitary slap switch. The low end is deep, clear, and tightly focused. The midrange frequency range ultra-smooth to punchy and every point in between. The treble control produces a very wide usable response that is brilliant, yet smooth without any brittleness. Pulling up on the volume control utlizes the proprietary Slap Switch, a special EQ contour mode made just for slap-style playing.

Each Duncan preamp comes supplied with all the necessary mounting hardware including high-quality Potentiometers on a prewired harness with modular connectors, battery clip, stereo output jack, and even black anodized dome-style knobs.

These preamps can also run on 18v power for additional headroom

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  1. Seymour Duncan STC-2C-BO 2 Band Preamp EQ with Concentric Knobs

    2-Band: Treb/Bass
    Controls: Treble/Bass Stack Add active EQ to your P or J without any drilling with this 2-band onboard active EQ with stacked basstreble pot, and switchable treble frequency. On board Tone Circuits add tremendous...
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