Best Bass Gear 180-Volt Bass Battery System

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A new battery system from BBG that will give your bass guitar all the power it truly deserves.

By running a twenty 9-volt battery series the BBG-180 is able to pump out enough power to by-pass the amplifier all together. You heard us right, NO AMP! Great sound from your bass straight to a cabinet.

With the new 180-volt battery system specially designed by Best Bass Gear the future is now, and your old amp is just a heavy, expensive end table.

The BBG 180V BBS is currently in production and should be out on the market soon, but until you get your hands on one here is some feedback from a few people who have already tested out the system.


"I'll never need an amplifier again." - Bobby, Texas

"I always had a sneaky suspicion that I didn't have enough volts in my bass. Now I can sleep at night" - Evander, Minnesota

"It's pretty good. I'm hoping they come out with a 360-volt system soon, but this is pretty good." - Jenny, Washington


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