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Will these Delano Pickups work with your Bass? Ask Frankie, our Bass Tech.

Delano products combine the highest quality materials with an experience in building pickups & for musical instruments of over 30 years. Based in Germany, Delano pickups can be found on high end manufacturers such as Sandberg, Human Base, Marleaux, Clover, Ken Lawrence, Eliezar Lara, Mayones, Sei, Overwater, Stambaugh, & Ristola.

Delano pickups offer many tonal options for your bass, & are one of the few manufacturers that provide such a diverse offering for pickups. Whether you are looking for a pickup with vintage flair & nice balance, a bright & snappy articulate 'Euro' inspired tone, or a modern inspired even responding pickup; Delano pickups have a set or single pickup to suit your needs has you covered.

With their experience you are guaranteed to receive a fine piece of craftsmanship containing outstanding features & modern improvements devoloped and manufactured by a small team of expert crafstmen. As an owner of a Delano product you can be assured in the knowledge that you have one of the finest products available to the musical community.

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  1. Delano SBC HE/S Dual Coil Series Soapbar

    $185.00 - $370.00
    *For your 7 String Bass*
    Anything from deep solid grooves, fluid walking bass, singing melodies, chords and harmonics, all poured out by the same hands on the same instrument. Every detail has to be right there, at your command. We know the challenge. Tight phat bottom,...
  2. Delano SBC HE/S-4 Quad Coil Series Soapbar

    $211.00 - $584.00
    *For your 7 and 8 String Basses*
    If you demand serious seven and eight string bass tone that perfectly reflects the entire spectrum of your playing, no matter if you dig in lower than subzero, or almost higher than your neck can reach out, with our SBC HE/S-4, you will be safe on...
  3. Delano JSBC HE Split Coil Series Skinny Soapbar

    $132.00 - $360.00
    *For your 4, 5, 6, and 7 String Basses*
    This ultra slim “twin-coil in line” humcancelling soapstick bass-transducers are precision engineered to bridge the gap between two different schools of basspickup design. The tightfocus and pristine harmonics of a classic single...
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