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Will these Delano Pickups work with your Bass? Ask Frankie, our Bass Tech.

Delano products combine the highest quality materials with an experience in building pickups & for musical instruments of over 30 years. Based in Germany, Delano pickups can be found on high end manufacturers such as Sandberg, Human Base, Marleaux, Clover, Ken Lawrence, Eliezar Lara, Mayones, Sei, Overwater, Stambaugh, & Ristola.

Delano pickups offer many tonal options for your bass, & are one of the few manufacturers that provide such a diverse offering for pickups. Whether you are looking for a pickup with vintage flair & nice balance, a bright & snappy articulate 'Euro' inspired tone, or a modern inspired even responding pickup; Delano pickups have a set or single pickup to suit your needs has you covered.

With their experience you are guaranteed to receive a fine piece of craftsmanship containing outstanding features & modern improvements devoloped and manufactured by a small team of expert crafstmen. As an owner of a Delano product you can be assured in the knowledge that you have one of the finest products available to the musical community.

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  1. Delano PMVC AL/M2 Series P Bass

    *For your 4 and 5 String P Basses*
    The DELANO PMVC 5 AL/M2 is a split coil humbucker that bridges the gap between the classic P-Bass® pickup and popular modern designs. Two custom wound coils are the heart of it - each with two 9.5mm diameter AlNiCo V magnets. It's an excellent...
  2. Delano PC AL Series P Bass

    $135.00 - $156.00
    *For your 4 and 5 String P Basses*
    The DELANO PC series offers a range of different transducer designs in the familiar Precison Bass™ pickup shape.They are direct retrofit units and can be installed in any electric bass that is outfitted with a P-bass™ style pickup cavity. Since...
  3. Delano PC HE Series P Bass

    $132.00 - $156.00
    *For your 4 and 5 String P Basses*
    The DELANO PC HE is our extended range high-end version of this classic bass pickup. Please check the physical size of the pickups you want to replace to make sure the replacements fit properly. PC4 HE/M2 Massive...
  4. Delano PMVC FE/M2 Series P Bass

    $135.00 - $156.00
    *For your 4 and 5 String P Basses*
    How to improve a classic pickup design: Delano takes the classic P-Bass™ pickup design a major step forward. The big ferrous poles grab all the strings movements with zero loss. Specially engineered ferrite magnets and custom wound coils make...
  5. Delano PMVC5 FE 5 String Precision Size Split Coil Pickup

    5 string Split Coil Pbass Pickup
    Looking for a fivestring bass pickup in a P-Bass™ shell that stands really apart from all others? DELANO has it. Five sturdy 9.5mm diameter ferrous pole pieces are not for looks only: Tight, lightning-fast transients on top of meaty fullrange...
  6. Delano Hybrid Series

    $129.00 - $232.00
    *For your 4, and 5 String Basses*
    An uncompromising pickup series that combines in one single construction the two most legendary sounds in bass history! Part 1: J-Bass™ Single coil bridge pickup with the immortal characteristics of early 60’s pickups....
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