Dimarzio Pickups

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Dimarzio Pickups

Dimarzio pickups began with the founder, Larry Dimarzio, requiring a replacement for a burned out pickup on his guitar. Not content with off the shelf solutions, and lacking the funds to purchase a new pickup, Larry set about building his own replacement in roughly 36 hours. Intrigued with the design, construction, and how each pickup has a unique & individualistic nature, Larry set about building pickups to complement players of the time's tone.

Within a very short time Dimarzio went from being an unknown to one of the most well known and respected pickup manufacturers in the business. Many companies still offer Dimarzio's pickups as factory equipment and the models that are in production are praised highly by the musicians that utilize them.

All Dimarzio pickups are made in the U.S.A in Dimarzio's factory in New York City, New York. Each pickup has a rigorous design process and is built by musicians for musicians with the intent to be used on stage or in the studio.

Available in sizes to fit your Jazz & P-Bass in 4 & 5 String configuration Dimarzio's models offer a tonal variety to provide you solutions for your individual style.

Used by and highly regarded by musicians such as Billy Sheehan, & James LoMenzo Dimarzio pickups are an investment for any bass and are worthy of the install.

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  1. Dimarzio DP249-BK (With Control Plate) 4 String Jazz L/S Size Area J Split Coil Set

    4 string Split Coil Jazz Bass Pickup Set with Control Plate & Assembly
    Been waiting for a bass pickup that sounds like a vintage J Bass pickup and cancels hum? Your wait is over. Bass pickups are usually described with aggressive terms such as amazing punch and thundering lows, but that's not the sound of vintage...
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