EBS ProLine 412-4 x 12 + 2"

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1600 watts PRG

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Natural, uncoloured sound with excellent response and high output handling is the inspiration behind our ProLine cabinet series.

The Natural Choice

Built with the finest quality 13-ply Finnish Birch, our speaker cabinets radiate the natural tones created by the technology that precedes them.

Sounds Like Your Bass

Transparency, balance and natural warmth characterize the EBS speaker sound. Eleven different cabinet models allow numerous combinations, making it easy to create your own ?signature? sound.

Technical Specifications

  • Frequency Response:30 - 18k Hz
  • Sensitivity:102 dB
  • Power Rating:800 W RMS
  • Impedance:4 ohms
  • Volume:195 liters
  • Height:124 cm / 49"
  • Width:58 cm / 23"
  • Depth:44 cm / 17"
  • Weight:61 kg / 135 lbs
This EBS bass cabinet can only be shipped to US addresses. Shipping is $50 extra for these particular oversized items.


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