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GruvGear Fump Bridge Mute

SKU:BBG 6875
Out of Production

The manufacturer no longer makes this product. Where applicable the newer version of the product or something comparable is shown below.



Palm-Muted Bass Tone. Minus the Palm

Free up your muting palm and discover a new path to the old school.

The Fump™ is a simple muting gadget that slides over the strings against the bridge of your 4- or 5-String bass to instantly recreate that sweet staccato sound -- without using your palm!

While not meant to replace a good technique, the Fump™ simply opens up possibilities to discover new techniques and gives you the freedom to "dig in" while enjoying that coveted old school tone.

Go explore with the new Fump™!


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Dead upright or muted Funk and Motwon sound? I'll have some, thanks.
By Kelly from on 2/2/2016
Sometimes you just need that catgut/dead string sound to get you emotion across. Gruv Gear had an epiphany and came up with this alternative to shoving a piece of foam near the bridge, see Bobby Babbitt or James Jamerson. Worth having in the arsenal for gig or studio work. Think of it as another brush to paint a landscape of music with. Enjoy. I do.