GruvGear XL Frame Extension

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Extends the length of V-Cart Solo to 42" long and adds a pair of casters
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Gruv Gear is making these. We will have more of these within 2-4 weeks. Order it now, to reserve your place in line and we'll ship it the same day we receive it from Gruv Gear.


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XL Frame Extension

A simple add-on to create the Solo XL.

Calling all V-Cart Solo owners: Extend the length of your cart with the XL Frame Add-On. The XL attaches in seconds and extends your loading platform to a generous 42+ inches long, capable of handling even more of your gear in one trip. Fold the fork down for even more loading room. It even includes a pair of casters, creating a solid six-wheeled performer with fantastic stability and weight handling.

Bring the XL along whenever you have a need for a longer platform cart, or keep it handy in the car for those unexpected larger loads. Best of all, you are leveraging the cart you already have - No need to buy a second long hauler just to lug more stuff!


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