Hipshot BStyle 6String Graphtech Piezo .750 Bass Bridge Brass Gold 19mm Spacing

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These Hipshot B Style Bridges feature Graphtech Ghost saddles.


These Hipshot B Style Bridges feature Graphtech Ghost saddles. These can be used in combination with magnetic pickups or without. The piezo version of the B style bridge is generally the same, with the exception of a slot in the bass plate for the piezo wire to pass through as well as a differently styled saddle. A buffer is used to get the piezo signal to the correct level.We have these here - - > Bartolini MPB2-918 Piezo-Magnetic Pickup Buffer

Hipshot A Style Bass bridges are available in a wide variety of string spacing; in your choice of aluminum or brass. Type B bridges feature variable string spacing adjustment and thru the body option for even greater versatility and fine intonation adjustment as well. 16mm = .640" 17mm = .669" 18mm = .708" 18.24mm = .718" 19mm = .750" 20mm = .787" 21mm = .812"


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