Hipshot HB7-L Lollipop Machine Head Tuner Nickel Bass Side

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Hipshot- HB7-L Nickel (Bass Side Tuning Machine)

Hipshot has created the American Classic Series bass tuning machines to provide you with unprecedented smoothness and accuracy for years to come. The finest quality materials and precision engineering have been combined to make American Classics the best bass tuning machines you can buy. If your old tuners have worn out or don't meet your high standards, replace them with the BEST: the US made, 27:1 ratio American Classics.

Package Includes:

  • 1 HB7 Nickel (Bass Side Tuners)
  • Installation Instructions and Mounting Hardware


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Verified Buyer
Hipshot HB7-L Lollipop bass side machine heads
By David Ruth from on 10/11/2017
Love these tuners. Always admired the look of 1966 Fender basses using this style of machine head. Now I have not only that look for my bass without spending mega-dollars on a real 1966 bass, but I have the benefit of high quality stable tuners . These are a marked improvement on the stock tuners on my P Bass. Simple retro-fit.
Verified Buyer
HB7-L bass tuners
By Terry Nails from on 10/31/2016
Perfect drop in for MIM - MIJ standard fender jazz basses that use the old smaller rear plate fender Mustang tuners, as well as Squier basses...