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East preamps was formed by John East in 1998 with the J-Retro 01 being the first product offered for Jazz and J Styled basses. The design of the J-Retro came into effect with John's lust for an unobtainable sound in live settings without requiring outboard preamps. Not content with an outboard option after building a few units he set about designing an onboard retrofit optiong that required no modification for install on his Jazz bass.

Before building such high end preamps as the J-Retro, J-Retro 01, and MMSR MusicMan units, John had his beginnings as a professional bass player. Most of his experience in electronics comes from being a player and understanding the need for a quality engineered flexible solution. He has also worked in the professional audio engineering and design field with companies such Solid State Logic and Oxford Digital. This combination of playing experience and audio engineering is what makes every East product unique and high quality. This performance can be found in the high quality pro audio feel of any of the East preamps.

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  1. John East Uni-Pre 2-Pickup 4-Knob 3-Band Vol/Bl Stack - Treb/Bass Stack - Mid/Mid Stack - Tone P/P A/P

    $325.00 - $350.00
    3-band: 2-pickup, 4-knob Volume/Blend Stack - Treb/Bass Stack - Mid/Mid Freq Stack - Passive Tone (A/P Push-Pull)
    Uni-Pre 4 Knob 2 Pickup, 4-knob Volume/Blend Stack Treble/Bass Stack Midrange/Midrange Freq. Stack Passive Tone (Push/Pull for Active/Passive) The Uni-Pre 4 Knob is a new generation...
  2. John East MMSR 1-Pickup 4-Knob 3-Band Vol - Treb - Bass - Mid/Mid Stack

    $230.00 - $245.00
    The BTB-MMSR 4 Knob, including Mid Sweep, has been designed with characteristics very similar to the original MM Stingray 2 Band EQ, but is not an exact copy of the original circuit.
    Control Configuration Volume Treble Bass Mid Stack Available in Black, Chrome, or Gold Finish Description The BTB-MMSR 4 Knob, including Mid Sweep, has been designed with characteristics...
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