Lace Alumitone 4 String Precision Size Split Coil Pickup (Chrome)

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4 String Split Coil Humcancelling Precision Bass Pickup
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A Modern Masterpiece in Bass Pickups

Aluma P® system is one of the new "current driven" designs incorporating patented and patent pending technology from Lace®.

Using two separate pickups for the high and low strings without the need for a "bucking" traditional setup, the Aluma P® generates high output clarity with huge bottom.

This tone and output were only available with a pre amp before. The Aluma P® Bass Pickup not only eliminates the need for a pre amp, but also has zero noise.

"These new Aluma P™ electric bass pickups are a system, in that they will not only work with a traditional 4 string bass, but by rearranging them they can work for 5 and 6 string bass applications as well" states Jeff Lace, Vice President and designer of the Aluma P® Bass Pickup.

Formally introduced for Earth Day, the revolutionary Aluma P® and Alumitone® family of pickups use 95% less copper wire then standard pickup designs.

By reducing the need for copper it'saves valuable resources, reduces open pit mining and the very high energy need for converting copper ore to fine wire.

The all passive Aluma P® system technology also eliminates the need for a battery powered pre amp, another source of pollution for the Earth.

Batteries are laden with highly toxic chemicals and most often find themselves in landfills

The main exoskeleton of the Alumitone family is recyclable aluminum offering light weight.

This Aluminum primary offers a faster attack and higher fidelity for tone then copper. The Aluma P® system electric bass pickup weighs only 2.56 ounces.

The light weight, in turn means less weight and cost in fuel to transport, not to mention reducing the weight of your bass.

Great for all styles of Rock, Jazz, Fusion, Pop, Punk, and Country.

Tonally, the Alumitone P-bass pickup is a Vintage, class and bold P-bass style tone without noise.

Technical Specifications

  • Position:P-bass
  • DC Resistance:5.3k Ohms
  • Peak Frequency:3800
  • Inductance:2.7 Henries


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