Lace Man O' War 4 String MusicMan Size Dual Coil Pickup

SKU:BBG 6809


4 String Dual Coil Humcancelling MusicMan Pickup
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The Lace Man O' War Music Man 4 Style pickup utilizes Lace Sensor technology to provide powerand punch with great top end definition.

It's passive yet aggressive operation gives piano likeacoustic overtones with a full bottom end. In split mode it is similar to a Jass bass.

The Man O'War Music Man style bass pickup utilizes a dual coil Lace Sensor design with a5 wire output.

It can be wired up in a split, parallel and comes stock wired in series.

Wiringin parallel works well with active systems, though the series wiring, as passive, gives thunderousperformance.

Great for all styles of Rock, Metal, Funk, and Jazz.

Tonally these are a very well balanced pickup with thunderous presence.

Technical Specifications

  • Position:Neck or Bridge
  • DC Resistance:18.0k Ohms
  • Peak Frequency:1880 Hz


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