Lakland Skyline Hollowbody Bass with Hardshell case

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Hollowbody only includes free Hardshell case
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Please Note:Lakland Basses are items that are not available for free shipping due to the size and weight of these items. Please contact us at for a shipping quote on these basses.

The Lakland Hollowbody is the result of our collaboration with master bass guitar builder, Michael Tobias. The Hollowbody is constructed of two precision-carved pieces of fine tone wood - mahogany for the back and maple for the top and neck. The fingerboard is fashioned from rosewood. The resonant voice of the bass' cavity is faithfully reproduced by passive Chi-Sonics.

The Hollowbody provides a range of robust tones that more than match the bass' gorgeous appearance. The Hollowbody has a firm, punchy attack that is lacking in most hollow basses and maintains its focus well into a sustain.

The bass is available in three different variations. The Hollowbody is the standard version of the bass; the Hollowbody Deluxe features a flame maple top.

From deep, authoritative notes reminiscent of an upright to aggressive and throaty sounds capable of cutting through as a solo voice, the Hollowbody is responsive, with a solid tonal center that many hollow basses lack.

The Lakland Skyline Hollowbody is inspired by the design collaboration of master bass guitar builder, Michael Tobias and our staff in Chicago. So much so, in fact, that the two instruments share almost exactly the same specifications. The Skyline Hollowbody features the same two-piece construction as our US-Made model, which is favored by bassist Tony Garnier (Bob Dylan).

This mid-priced version of the Hollowbody has a rosewood fingerboard and the same cavity dimensions as the high-end version - giving it a similarly thick and rich tone with fantastic definition. The natural tone of the instrument is complemented by a set of Lakland's Chi-Sonic pickups.

The Skyline Hollowbody has an elegant appearance. An F-hole on the upper half of the bass suggests the instruments heritage in acoustic instruments of refined quality and function, while its sound is as versatile as modern music demands! Dial in a wide array of sounds using independent controls for volume and tone and a three-way toggle to combine pickups or solo the neck or bridge humbuckers.

From deep, authoritative notes reminiscent of an upright to aggressive and throaty sounds capable of cutting through as a solo voice, the Hollowbody is responsive, with a solid tonal center that many hollow basses lack.

The headstock of our Skyline Hollowbody is a 2x2 layout and emblazoned with a Lakland logo unique to our hollow instruments.



Reinforced head design provides additional strength at necks' weakest point.


Lakland manufactures three different fingerboards. Our birdseye maple fingerboards feature ebony face dots, while our rosewood fingerboards feature birdseye maple dots. Our ebony fretless fingerboards are available lined, or unlined.


All Lakland necks are manufactured from quarter-sawn maple and feature two graphite reinforcement bars. We have found that these graphite bars help tremendously to minimize dead spots.


The neck is securely bolted to the body using a five-bolt configuration that offers the player unrestricted access to the upper register.


The frets are meticulously installed by Lakland luthiers using exacting tolerances that yield superior playability. Each fret end is hand-filed and, when combined with a subtle round-over on the edge of the fingerboard, created the ultimate in comfort.


Large Dunlop dual design strap buttons are compatible with Straplok systems.


Deep cutaway allows full access to the 22nd fret.


Southern swamp ash body. The Deluxe adds a figured maple top.


Lakland pickups, custom wound in Chicago, provide a wide frequency response and diverse tonal range.


Solid chromed brass bridge plate with all stainless steel parts (saddle, screws, springs) to prevent rust and corrosion throughout life of instrument.


Dual access strings-through body or bridge design.


Internal preamp offers independent cut and boost of bass midrange, and treble. The preamp is extremely versatile and very quiet. Master volume pulls out to defeat internal preamp. Pickup blend control. Bridge pickup coil configuration can be set for a multitude of tonal possibilities.

Additional Options

Chi-Sonic Single Coils$400
Chi-Sonic HumCancellers(includes Single Coil to Humcancelled switch)$600
Non-Lakland pickupsCALL
Ebony Fingerboard (Skyline Fretless)$100
Skyline Hollowbody Hardshell Case$170


Nut Width1.6"
Nut TypeDelrin
Fret Size.041/.085"
Width at Final Fret2.42"
1st Fret Neck Depth.8"
12th Fret Neck Depth.89"
Fingerboard Radius10"
Scale Length34"
Bridge String Spacing.75"
Neck WoodFlat-Sawn Maple
Body wood(s)Carved Mahogany Back and sides
TopCarved Maple Top
FingerboardRosewood with Dots
Fretted or Lined Fretless with side dots
TunersHipshot licensed Ultralit's
Truss Rod AccessAt headstock w/Cover - 4mm Hex
ControlsVolume/Volume-Tone/Tone (Passive)
BridgeLakland Bridge (through bridge stringing only)
PickupsChi-Sonic HumCancellers
Left HandedNote: Due to the nature of the Hollowbody's symmetrical body, this model can be restrung and played left handed, though the controls will then be at the "top" of the bass.

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