Lakland Skyline Series Basses

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Lakland Skyline Series Basses

Lakland Skyline Series

Lakland Skyline Series basses are a high quality affordable alternative to the U.S series instruments. These instruments are manufactured overseas but receive the same final attention to details as the US models as they are tested and inspected by Laklands technicians in Chicago, IL.

All models receive inspection that includes:

  • Checking the string ferrules if equipped and drilling them out if needed.
  • Test the integrity and function of the tuning machines.
  • Inspection of the nut for any excess glue and ensure no edges extend beyond the neck.
  • Every fret is inspected and scrutinized and reworked if necessary.
  • Final setup and adjustment for shipment.

Regardless of where the instrument is built Lakland ensures that the Skyline models adhere to the same standards as the US models before shipment.

Lakland Skyline series models are available in 44-01, 44-02, 55-01, 55-02, Decade, 44-60, 55-60, 44-64, 55-64, Hollowbody, 44-64 Custom, 44-51, 44-AJ, 55-AJ, and the Darryl Jones signature model with 4 and 5 String options.