Lindy Fralin

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Lindy Fralin

Lindy Fralin Pickups

Lindy Fralin pickups is a small pickup manufacturing company based in Richmond, Virginia that is staffed by a small group of skilled craftsmen who are all musicians or music enthusiasts.

Fralin takes pride in manufacturing some of the finest bass guitar pickups available. Fralin pickups are assembled and hand wound one at a time, and use some of the highest quality materials guarenteeing the highest quality available. This quality is what grants you the loudest, flattest frequency response possible with the fewest turns of wire.

They are also able to offer custom pickup winding for underwound, stock, or overwind for different tonal qualities.

To better understand the intracies of winding please refer to some of the options below:

  • 5% Overwound = 5% More Output, 5% More Mids, at the expense 5% of less Highs.
  • 5% Underwind = 5% Less Output, 5% Less Mids, addding 5% more Highs.

They gain build a 10% under or overwind as well

Fralin believes the choice in determining if you require a stock, over or underwind boils down to the combination of guitar woods, amp, string gauge, and the string height as these all influse the final sound of the pickup. What you can expect with overwinding and overwinding is that pickups wound with more wire will be stronger and darker sounding, while underwinding results in a cleaner, open, brigther sounding pickup.

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