Mike Pope Flexcore 2.1stk 2-Pickup 5-Knob 4-Band Vol P/P A/P - Bl - Treb - Lo Mid/Hi Mid Stack - Bass

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  • 2-Pickup, 5-Knob
  • VPP A/P - Blend - Treble - Lo Mid/Hi Mid Stack - Bass
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Control Configuration

  1. Volume Active/Passive Push/Pull
  2. Blend
  3. Treble
  4. Lo Mid/Hi Mid Stack
  5. Bass

The Mike Pope Flexcore is a 1 to 4-band preamp that is an extremely nimble and flexible preamp system capable of allowing the user to choose what control layout fits best for their bass. Originally found on high end boutique builds from Fodera these preamps are now available for use in whatever bass you the player sees fit.

These preamps require a minumum control cavity depth of 1 1/4" and are intended for use with basses already equipped with a rear control route. They can be used with either Active pickups such as EMG®, Warwick® MEC, and passive pickups such as Bartolini, Nordstrand, Delano, Aguilar, and Seymour Duncan as well.

Tonally the preamps are clean, clear, and very transparent. The circuitry in the MPP preamps is designed to help, not harm. When you set the tone shaping controls flat there is no coloration or contour of the pickup's signal. Once installed the player can dial in tones anywhere from the up front in your face slap tones to a darker “What is Hip” finger style tones, and deep and hollow rock tones to an aggressive, Rickenbacker style edge. The circuit is there to help you without interjecting it's own personality. It's there to serve your needs.

Install is very simple and fully modular. Inputs for pickup connection, and grounds for instance is handled onboard with screw terminals as opposed to requiring soldering like other preamps.

The pot shafts are solid and can use knobs with set screws for install.Standard single potentiometer's require a single 6mm knob for use, and any concentric stack will require an 8mm lower, 6mm upper knob for use.

The preamp has provisions for 2 different frequency centers for each of its bass, lo-mid, hi-mid and treble controls with the bass and treble control selectable via included jumpers in the cavity and the mid frequencies selectable via jumpers or optional switches.

Technical Specifications

  • Treble:+/- 15dB @ 6kHz or 10kHz
  • Hi Mid:+/- 15dB @ 1kHz or 1.8kHz
  • Lo Mid:+/-12dB @ 330Hz or 473Hz
  • Bass:+/- 12dB @ 46Hz or 90Hz


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Verified Buyer
Mike Pope preamp
By Marco
Upgraded my Yamaha JP2 6 string bass, this preamp really makes the bass a true tone machine, (together with Aero Pickups)
Verified Buyer
Great Product!
By Jeremy
I put the pope preamp in my Yamaha TRB6JP. I have always received compliments on the bass' sound, but I feel the new additions have up'd the sound quality even more so! It sounds amazing - even just flat, but has tonnes of tonal possibilities. I preferred the sound with shunts in all 4 tonal controls (lowering each frequency's target tone), giving my already bright & snappy bass a more balanced tone (to my ears). I'm extremely happy with the outcome! Max was a great help too!
Verified Buyer
By Chris
I am very impressed with the Mike Pope Flexcore Preamp! It was a great compliment to the EMG-P/J-x pickups we installed on my 5-string Jon Hill bass. Seemingly unlimited tonal possibilities with the pick-up blend, bass, treble, and epecially the hi-lo mid controls. I play all styles both live and in the studio. So it was the perfect retro-fit for a bass that was just sitting in the case for the last 12 years.