Mike Pope Flexcore Volume - Blend - Treble - Bass - Lo Midrange

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We build and test our pre-wired preamp assemblies by hand. These usually ship within a few days. Please contact us first if you have a tight deadline. We will do our best to accommodate you.


Control Configuration

  1. Volume
  2. Blend
  3. Treble
  4. Bass
  5. Lo Midrange

*Flexcore Configurations:

The Flex Core is a 1 to 4-band preamp that is extremely nimble in its configuration options allowing you to choose what fits best for you. Components can be omitted if less EQ bands are needed.

Switchable Frequencies:

The preamp has provisions for 2 different frequency centers for each of its bass, lo-mid, hi-mid and treble controls with the bass and treble control selectable via included jumpers in the cavity and the mid frequencies selectable via jumpers or optional switches.

  • Treble: +/- 15dB @ 6kHz or 10kHz
  • Hi Mid: +/- 15dB @ 1kHz or 1.8kHz
  • Lo Mid: +/-12dB @ 330Hz or 473Hz
  • Bass: +/- 12dB @ 46Hz or 90Hz
  • There is NO soldering required for most installations. Pickups hook up with screw terminals.

    Requires 1-1/4" control cavity depth.

    All Mike Pope components accept 6mm set screw type knobs.


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